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Desma Financial Advisory is a renowned financial advisory firm that specializes in customized solutions for wealth management, strategic investments, and corporate financial planning and accounting advisory. Through specialized knowledge and innovative techniques, we are committed to assisting individuals and organizations to financial success.

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As a financial advisory firm, we specialize in investment consultancy, accounting advisory, and management consulting services, covering financial research, business valuation, corporate restructuring and accounting across diverse sectors. Serving SMEs, family offices, asset management companies, and high-net-worth individuals globally, our expertise spans from providing financial consultancy for managing multi-million-dollar investments across US to offering accounting, VAT and taxation support services in GCC. With a Dubai base and projects across the UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, our investment professionals collaborate on detailed analysis, delivering unique solutions for financial, operational, and human resource gains. Trusted advisors to business leaders, we prioritize guidance on critical financial and strategic issues for their success.

About Us

About Desma Financial Advisory

Desma Financial Advisory is your trusted partner for comprehensive financial solutions. Accounting, company valuation, financial advisory, investment consulting, and corporate advisory are some of our firm's specialties. Personalized solutions guarantee financial success for individuals and enterprises with the help of our committed team.

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    With over 50 years of experience, Desma Financial Advisory offers custom financial solutions and expert advice to help people make smart choices.

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    Regional Market Knowledge

    Desma Financial Advisory utilizes profound regional market insights to craft strategies that align with dynamic market trends, aiding clients in making informed financial choices.

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    Professional Network

    With a vast professional network, Desma Financial Advisory connects clients to diverse financial opportunities, fostering growth through strategic partnerships and expert collaborations.

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Financial Success Stories

These case studies highlight Desma Financial Advisory's ability to provide a diverse range of specialized services, catering to both individual and corporate financial needs with personalized strategies and expert guidance.

Wealth Management Strategy

An affluent individual sought Desma Financial Advisory's expertise for comprehensive wealth management. Our tailored services included:


  • Personalized financial advice
  • Diversified investment consultancy
  • Regular portfolio monitoring
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Business Restructuring Success

A mid-sized corporation partnered with Desma Financial Advisory to address operational challenges and pursue growth opportunities. Our services included:


  • In-depth corporate advisory for restructuring
  • Cost optimization methods
  • Strategic market expansion guidance
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Where expertise meets your goals

Experience the convergence of specialized expertise and your financial aspirations at our distinguished financial advisory firm, Desma Financial Advisory, ensuring tailored solutions for your success.

  • Accounting Advisory Services

    At Desma Financial Advisory, we offer personalized financial advisory services designed to guide individuals and businesses towards their financial goals with expert insights and tailored strategies.

  • Strategic Investment Consultancy

    Explore strategic investment consultancy at Desma Financial Advisory, where our experts leverage market insights to optimize investment portfolios and minimize risks for enhanced financial growth.

  • Comprehensive Corporate Advisory Solutions

    Discover comprehensive corporate advisory solutions at Desma Financial Advisory, empowering businesses through strategic guidance, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring advice to foster growth and competitiveness.

Collaborative Financial Solutions

Collaborate with us at Desma Financial Advisory for tailored financial solutions and a partnership dedicated to realizing your financial aspirations.